April 19, 2024
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GBWhatsApp Anti Ban APK v17.60 Download 2024

Introduction to GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. It is crafted by third-party developers to offer additional features not present in the official version. Users opt for GB WhatsApp to access custom themes, extended privacy options, and the ability to use two accounts on the same device. Since this is not an official application authorized by WhatsApp, it can only be downloaded from unofficial sources as an APK file and requires manual installation. This alternative app attracts those desiring more control and customization over their messaging experience.


GB WhatsApp APK, an alternative to the official WhatsApp app, boasts several distinguishing features:

  • Version: It varies; frequently updated.
  • Compatibility: Android OS.
  • Size: More sizable than WhatsApp due to additional features.
  • Languages: Offers multiple language support.
  • Encryption: Similar to WhatsApp, claims end-to-end encryption.
  • Customization: Wide range of themes and personalization options.
  • Privacy Features: Enhanced privacy settings not found in the official app.
  • File Sharing: Increased limits on file size and format types.
  • Auto-reply: Feature to automatically respond to messages.
  • Root Access: Not required for installation or use.

The Evolution of WhatsApp and the Rise of GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp has seen a remarkable evolution since its inception in 2009. Originally a simple messaging app, it has added features like end-to-end encryption, voice and video calls, and various multimedia sharing capabilities. This growth captured the hearts of over two billion users worldwide. However, an unofficial variant known as GB WhatsApp has emerged, offering unsanctioned enhancements. These include extended privacy features, theme customizations, and sending larger files. Its unofficial status does not deter users seeking more control and personalization, leading to a significant rise in GB WhatsApp’s popularity.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide for GB WhatsApp APK

  1. Download the GB WhatsApp APK from a reputable website to your Android device.
  2. Before installation, go to Settings, then Security, and enable Unknown Sources to allow installation from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  3. Navigate to your download directory where the APK file was saved and tap on the APK file.
  4. Confirm the installation by pressing “Install”. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  5. Once installed, open GB WhatsApp and verify your phone number, similarly as you would on the official WhatsApp.
  6. Restore your chats from a backup, if available, or start a new setup to begin using GB WhatsApp.

Exploring the Enhanced Privacy Features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp boasts notable privacy enhancements that attract users seeking more control over their online presence. Key features include:

  • Stealth Mode: Users can hide their online status, ensuring increased privacy during active use.
  • Read Receipts Control: The option to toggle off sending read receipts even after messages are read provides user discretion.
  • Custom Privacy Settings: Fine-tune privacy options for specific contacts, allowing for a tailored approach to message visibility and interaction.
  • App Lock: Incorporate an additional layer of security by setting a password or pattern lock specifically for the app.
  • Hide Typing Status: Maintain secrecy by concealing typing or recording indicators while composing messages.

These amplified privacy features of GB WhatsApp offer users a fortified experience over the standard privacy options available in the official WhatsApp application.

Customization Options: Themes, Fonts and More

One of the benefits of GB WhatsApp over the official application is the array of customization options it offers users. These options provide a personalized user experience, often unmatched by the official version.

  • Themes: GB WhatsApp users can switch between a plethora of visually appealing themes to suit their preferences, creating a more engaging chat environment.
  • Fonts: The ability to change font styles adds a level of uniqueness to conversations, allowing users to stand out.
  • Chat Bubbles: Customizable chat bubbles offer a fresh look and feel, differing from the standard design.
  • App Icons: Users have the option to change the icon of the app, making it discrete on their device’s home screen.
  • Notification Tones and Pop-ups: Tailored notification tones and pop-up messages provide an enhanced messaging experience, with more control over how alerts are received and displayed.

These user-focused features certainly give GB WhatsApp an edge in allowing an individualized interface, over the traditional WhatsApp experience.

The Convenience of Extended File Sharing on GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp significantly enhances the file-sharing experience beyond the limitations encountered in the official WhatsApp. Users can take advantage of these conveniences:

  • Increased File Size Limits: GB WhatsApp allows for sharing larger files, up to 700MB, which is a substantial increase from the official app’s limit.
  • Diverse File Types: Beyond the standard photo and video formats, the app supports a wide range of file types, enabling users to share documents, APKs, and more.
  • Send Multitude of Files: Users can send up to 100 images simultaneously and share lengthy audio and video files without the need to trim or split them.
  • Quality Retention: The app maintains the original quality of images and videos, avoiding the compression that typically occurs in the official version.

This expanded functionality facilitates seamless sharing of large and diverse files, enhancing communication efficiency and effectiveness for GB WhatsApp users.

Understanding the Chat and Call Functions on GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp provides enhanced chat and call functionalities that offer users greater control and customizability. The chat feature allows for:

  • Hiding online status
  • Auto-reply function
  • Extended media sharing capabilities

Moreover, the call function includes unique features such as:

  • Disabling video calls
  • Selective call blocking
  • Custom call notifications

These extended capabilities of GB WhatsApp’s chat and call functions provide users with a more tailored communication experience compared to the official WhatsApp version.

Backup and Data Recovery in GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK provides users with options to back up their chats and data to their phone’s storage directly, unlike the official WhatsApp, which uses Google Drive or iCloud for cloud backups. This independence from cloud services can be beneficial for users who prefer local backups for privacy reasons. However, the lack of integration with cloud services can be a downside as it may complicate data recovery in case of device loss or failure. Users need to manually transfer and restore backups when moving to a new device, increasing the risk of data loss if proper procedures are not followed.

Ensuring the Security of GB WhatsApp APK

When considering the use of GB WhatsApp APK, security must be a paramount concern:

  • Verify the source: Only download the APK from reputable websites to avoid malicious software.
  • Check for updates: Regular updates often include security patches. Ensure that you’re using the latest version.
  • Review permissions: Be cautious of the permissions you grant the app. Limit them to what’s necessary for functionality.
  • Regular backups: Conduct regular backups to prevent data loss in case of security breaches.
  • Install antivirus software: Use trusted antivirus software to protect your device from potential threats linked to APK files.
  • Stay informed: Keep abreast of any reported security issues related to GB WhatsApp APK and act accordingly to safeguard your data.

Common Questions and Troubleshooting GB WhatsApp Issues

  • Why can’t I install GB WhatsApp? Ensure your device settings allow installation from unknown sources. Check if you have enough storage space.
  • Is my account at risk of getting banned? Yes, using GB WhatsApp can lead to a temporary or permanent ban by official WhatsApp due to policy violations.
  • How do I update GB WhatsApp? Visit the official GB WhatsApp website or a trusted source for updates. Do not use the Google Play Store.
  • Why aren’t my messages sending? Verify your internet connection, or check if GB WhatsApp servers are down.
  • Can I back up data to Google Drive? GB WhatsApp may not support Google Drive backups. Utilize local backups or third-party cloud services.

Comparing GB WhatsApp APK with Official WhatsApp Version

GB WhatsApp APK and Official WhatsApp differ significantly in features and privacy:

  • Customization: GB WhatsApp offers extensive theming options, allowing users to change the look of their interface, which the official app does not provide.
  • Privacy Options: The APK includes features like hiding online status and blue ticks, which give users more control over their privacy than the official WhatsApp.
  • File Sharing: GB WhatsApp users enjoy higher limits on the size and types of files they can send compared to Official WhatsApp’s more restrictive sharing capabilities.
  • Updates and Support: Official WhatsApp has consistent updates and support from Facebook, ensuring stability and security. GB WhatsApp, being unofficial, lacks these continuous improvements.
  • Potential Risks: GB WhatsApp poses potential risks like account bans or data privacy concerns, as it is not endorsed by WhatsApp Inc., while the official version is safe and secure.

The Future of Messaging Apps: What’s Next for GB WhatsApp?

As messaging apps continue to evolve, GB WhatsApp faces a future teeming with possibilities and challenges. On the horizon are:

  • Enhanced Privacy Features: Users can expect more sophisticated privacy controls, offering finer-grained management of their digital footprints.
  • Integration with Other Services: GB WhatsApp may expand its functionality by integrating with other applications and services, thereby enhancing user convenience.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The inclusion of AI-driven features such as chatbots and automated responses could streamline user interactions.
  • Official Recognition Dilemmas: GB WhatsApp will need to navigate legal and policy issues if it seeks to move closer to official recognition.
  • User Safety Commitments: Ensuring the safety and security of its user base in the face of evolving cyber threats will remain a perpetual concern.

The trajectory of GB WhatsApp will be closely watched as it attempts to balance innovation with user trust and regulatory compliance.

Conclusion: Is GB WhatsApp APK Worth the Switch?

Whether GB WhatsApp APK is worth the switch from the official WhatsApp depends on individual needs and priorities. Users who prioritize customization, extra features, and extended functionality may find GB WhatsApp APK appealing. However, those who value security, privacy, and the guarantee of uninterrupted service from an officially supported app may prefer to stick with the official WhatsApp. It’s crucial for users to weigh the pros, such as advanced messaging options, against the cons, such as potential bans and security concerns, before making an informed decision. Ultimately, the choice to switch should be made with a thorough understanding of the implications and risks involved.

What is WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB is a hacked version of WhatsApp that people download to attain more privacy and unlock new features. It all depends on the choices of the users to download this version of the original one as per their preference. So which one are you going to download after you are done reading this page?

Can GBWhatsApp See Hidden Status?

If someone has hidden you from their status stories, then it’s not possible to hide their status at all. You can also hide the users who you do not like so they could never see your status stories. The options are available in the settings that you can update whenever you want.

Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile GBWhatsApp?

This feature also does exist in GBWhatsApp like many other exceptional features. You can easily find out who has viewed your profile in the last 24 hours. In order to do it, you just have to download GBWhatsApp and then click on the scan option. It is important to have an android 2.3 or higher version to get access to this feature.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

You can download the GBWhatsApp APK by following a very simple process. All you have to do is click on the link available on this page and wait for a while. Later you can click on the install button to start using GBWhatsApp on your smartphone. Make sure you have deleted all the existing versions of WhatsApp from your mobile phone before you download this one.


Free Audio and Video Calls

You can make free audio and video calls without any limits. Whoever and however you want to contact us is now accessible by using the GBWhatsApp. You can call all those people who are added on your WhatsApp by using a stable internet connection only. There is no need to recharge your credit in this case as it is not nice at all.

Hide Last Seen

This is the most effective feature of WhatsApp that you must try out. You can hide the last scene of your profile and get away with replying to the annoying users. In this way, you can stay safe and you won’t have to answer a number of people about your last seen activity.

Send More Photos

GBWhatsApp APK allows its users to send more photos to its users by clicking all of them at a time. In the regular WhatsApp, you have to send only 30 photos at a time, but in GBWhatsApp you can send more than that at a time. Now you can send as many photos at a time to a single contact without waiting for longer.

Send Videos of 50 MBs and Larger

Similarly, the size of videos that you could send has also been increased. You won’t have to wait anymore or crop your videos into halves. The videos of 50 MBs or larger can be sent easily using GBWhatsApp.

Creative Themes

GBWhatsApp has also brought some amazing and creative themes that will make your WhatsApp look much prettier. It is a new and kind of highly creative feature that users usually ignore or never expected in WhatsApp. In GBWhatsApp you can select any of the given themes and make your profile beautiful.


This cheat version of WhatsApp is available for free and it also contains an anti-ban feature so you do not get banned upon using a hacked version of WhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp APK is an excellent application to connect with your loved ones easily. It is absolutely free to download which is a great thing for everyone as anyone can afford to get this app. The never-ending number of features proves it is a versatile app and you should get it now by clicking on the download link given here. So enjoy the best features of WhatsApp by downloading the GBWhatsApp APK which is much better than any other app.


Q. Can GBWhatsApp see deleted messages?

This feature is highly advanced and it is said that the latest version of GBWhatsApp is able to do this too. This is kind of a big thing for the users as they will be able to see the deleted messages without downloading any extra app or software.

Q. How can I contact someone who has blocked me on GBWhatsApp?

You cannot contact someone from the same account anymore, you can create a new account using a new cell phone number to contact the person who blocked you on GBWhatsApp.

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